6 Marketplaces for Premium OpenCart Extensions and Themes

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One of the reasons OpenCart has become so popular over the last few years is the diverse range of extensions, modules and themes that 3rd party developers have contributed to the OpenCart ecosystem. There are many store owners who wouldn’t be able to use OpenCart without one or more themes or extensions. OpenCart provides the core functionality, while the right selection of themes and modules can turn an online presence into a vibrant, successful ecommerce store.

With any thriving ecosystem comes the challenge of finding quality marketplaces where you can get the best modules and avoid those you don’t want anything to do with! We have compiled this list of popular marketplaces where you can find OpenCart extensions and themes:

OpenCart Extension Store

This is the official OpenCart Extension Store, a comprehensive list of modules, extensions, themes, payment gateways, shipping extensions and product feeds for OpenCart. The quality of extensions at the OpenCart store is mixed, due to the ease of listing a module and the lack of systems to prevent malicious or low quality code. However, all developers and designers list their work at the OpenCart extension store due to the high exposure. If you pay attention to comments and reviews, you can pretty quickly discover the best modules in the OpenCart extension store.


One of the first marketplaces to sell OpenCart themes, Algozone has a range of excellent products and is worth taking a look at for your next redesign.


Themeforest provides high quality themes checked to standards. Some of the best OpenCart themes are available here, and can be relied on for high standards. The developer support is at a mixed level, but it is easy to leave feedback on themes and reviews to help keep them honest!


Specializing in import and export tools HostJars maintain the first CSV and XML import tools for OpenCart, as well as a range of free and paid modules, such as Visitor Counters, tools to write your own Modules, and more.

Template Monster

If you are willing to spend a little more template monster has some great themes. Template monster have been in the game a long time, and their growing range of OpenCart themes is worth a look.


OpenCartX is a recent addition, aiming to provide only high quality -tested, checked, evaluated - extensions and themes. The store owner is Johnathan, one of the OpenCart forum moderators.

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5 Comments on "6 Marketplaces for Premium OpenCart Extensions and Themes"

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