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Hey, come here a minute. Yes, you! Shhh – not so loud. As a copywriter, I know I’ve got a few seconds to grab your attention before you go onto another site. So I’m going to tell you how to save a ton of money by letting you in on some secrets about writing Opencart product descriptions most copywriters wouldn’t want you to know about.

Do I have your attention? Great, because writing awesome product descriptions really isn’t that hard. You just need to know a few rules going in:

Answer Questions

There are a couple questions you customers need answered when you’re writing product descriptions in the Opencart admin module, and it doesn’t actually have as much to do with the product you’re selling:

  • What problem does it solve? Everyone has problems, so if your service or product solves a common problem, talk about it in the roduct description. Though most people think a website sells products or services, we actually sell solutions, whether it’s keeping a kid entertained for a few hours with a new toy, buying a car that will last past a couple hundred thousand kilometers or hiring a cleaning service because the week before your inlaws come into town is completely booked.
  • Why do they need to buy it from you? Do you offer free shipping, a satisfaction guarantee, an extended warranty? Beyond that, do you use fair-wage environmentally-friendly endangered purple monkeys to pick your tea leaves? You need to list or have logos on your product pages showing why buying from you gives them a better deal and gives them a warm fuzzy feeling inside.

Make it Fun

Who wants to read boring product descriptions on the store you’ve created for your online store? If I wanted a list of specifications, I could go to the manufacturer’s site and read about it there. I want to find out more without being bored to tears.

  • Don’t be afraid to flirt a little – and don’t worry, I won’t leave you hanging. That dirty little secret is just a little further down, I promise.
  • Humor goes a long way. I got your attention with the purple monkeys after all, didn’t I? Being a little silly gets people’s attention and keeps them focused on your content.

Show, Don’t Tell

I have to admit, I hate it when people say things like that! What that means is that you need to write as though you are showing them the product instead of describing it’s attributes.

Because they can’t pick up the product, you need to tell them not what scent it is, but how it makes you feel when you smell that awesome candle. What about that awesome soft coat? How does it seduce you and make you feel amazing? Here are a couple examples from a Death Star tea infuser – which one do you want to buy?

  • Brew yourself a dark, powerful cup of tea. (No, I’m not kidding. That was the whole thing. You can do much better than that, right?)
  • Was it the white tea in Darth Vader’s cup that lead to him finding a lack of faith disturbing? Whatever your brew of choice, come and be seduced by the dark side with your own Star Wars Death Star Tea Infuser. This unique infuser has a high-quality hinge and pressure fit closure to give you a brew most excellent, so the only debris is the T.I.E. starfighter dangling at the end of the chain – or is that a tractor beam? It even has the silvery steel exterior and the dent for the superlaser focus lens. This beautifully tooled, officially licensed Lucasfilm collector’s piece is constructed using high-quality molded stainless steel and if it gets forgotten over a Star Wars game, not to worry – just toss it in the dishwasher. And just remember, it’s not a moon, it’s a space station tea infuser!


Though it sounds like it shouldn’t make a difference to product descriptions, formatting your description properly makes a big difference in keeping people on your page and engaged, and using Opencart makes it easy. Here are some hints:

  • Use subheadings to break up the sections of your product descriptions. Are people who typically use your product mainly football players, business executives and housewives? With that diverse of a group, you may want to put a seperate subheading for each market talking about what the product helps with. With the above example, you could talk about how your new protein shake builds muscle in athletes, gives busy executives a quick lunch in the car between meetings and helps housewives lose weight.
  • Bullet points are also a great way to break up individual features of a product and the problems they solve. This helps allow for easier scanning. Don’t forget to mention if an item is produced domestically, environmentally friendly, provides fair wages, has an extended warranty or is shipped for free.
  • Don’t forget to add hyperlinks, but wait until the bottom of the description! If you have other products that are commonly bought with the one they’re looking at, mention them or, better yet, offer a package deal if they buy both items. Why wait until the bottom? You don’t want them leaving that page until they’ve seen all that product has to offer.

Now for a little secret – I used most of these strategies in writing this post. Now that you can see how well it works to get someone to read through an entire article, go apply it to your website!

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