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OpenCart has already proved to be a worthy opponent to the bigger and older open-source shopping carts such as: Prestashop, Virtuemart and Magento. It greatly has risen in popularity during 2012 and continues to attract more developers and online merchants. While Magento and Prestashop have held more or less steadily throughout the past year, OpenCart quadrupled its popularity – the increasing in the number of search results speaks for itself. Incredible! We believe OpenCart will meet the competition pretty well.

Interest over time (according to Google Trends)

But today we want to draw your attention to the amazing collection of free professional OpenCart templates. They may come in handy for those who just started with OpenCart or who wants to create a catchy and cost-effective online store with least possible trouble.

My Store – Free OpenCart Template from Loftytemplates.com

Template detailsDemo
Some key features:

  • jQuery effects;
  • SEO features;
  • Compatibility: OpenCart v1.5.5.x
Carbon – Free OpenCart Theme from OpenCartStore

Template detailsDemo
Some key features:

  • Multi column layout;
  • Configurable slideshow;
  • Grid/List category views;
  • Jquery enhanced user interface;
  • Compatibility: OpenCart v1.5.5.x.
Free OpenCart Theme from TemplateMonster

Template details

Some key features:

  • Dropdown menu with multi levels;
  • Sidebox banners;
  • SEO features;
  • Cross-browser compatibility;
  • Sources available: .PSD, .PNG, .PHP, .TPL, .JS.
Extreme Watches – Free OpenCart theme from Loftytemplates

Template details
Some key features:

  • Responsive design;
  • Multiple color options;
  • SEO features;
  • Cross-browser compatibility.
CleanLean – Free OpenCart template from OpenCarttemplates.com

Template detailsDemo
Some key features:

  • Cross browser compatibility;
  • Compatible with OpenCart v1.5.3.x / 1.5.4.x;
  • Minimalist design;
  • Customizable banner.
Theia – OpenCart theme

Template detailsDemo
Some key features:

  • List/Grid switcher for search;
  • Layered navigation;
  • Image slideshow;
  • Product compare feature;
  • Compatible with Opencar v1.5.4.1.
Simplissimo – free OpenCart theme from Themesite

Template detailsDemo
Some key features:

  • Image slideshiow;
  • Social media icons integrated;
  • Cross-browser compatibility;
  • Compatible with OpenCart v1.5.4.1.
Free OpenCart theme from ThemeGlobal

Template detailsDemo
Some key features:

  • Image slideshow with auto thumbnails;
  • Cross-browser compatibility;
  • Compatible with OpenCart v1.5.5.1.
Minimaliste – Free Opnecart theme from Niko Adi Nugroho

Template details
Some key features:

  • Minimalist design;
  • 2-column layout;
  • Compatible with OpenCart v1.4.x.
Palioxis – Free OpenCart theme

Template detailsDemo
Some key features:

  • Layered navigation;
  • Image slideshow;
  • Featured products display;
  • Compatible with OpenCart v1.5.5.1.
Fishing Store – Free OpenCart theme from Templatemonster

Template details
Some key features:

  • jQuery Image slideshow with a caption for each image;
  • Featured products display;
  • Layered navigation & accordion-style navigation;
  • Sources available: .HTML, .PSD;
  • Compatible with OpenCart v1.5.3.1.
Electronics – Free OpenCart theme from Dswww.pl

Template details
Some key features:

  • Image slideshow;
  • Featured & Latest products display;
  • Compatible with OpenCart v1.5.1.x.
Sullen – Free OpenCart theme for a clothing store

Template details
Some key features:

  • Minimalist design with focus on products;
  • Compatible with OpenCart v1.4.8.
YaTemplate – Free Opnecart template

Template details
Some key features:

  • Image slider;
  • Compatible with OpenCart v1.4.9.4, v1.4.9.5.
Tecart Theme – Free OpenCart theme

Template detailsDemo
Some key features:

  • Grid & List catalog view;
  • Compatible with all major browsers;
  • Home page image slider;
  • Compatible with OpenCart v1.5.5.1.
OpenCart Cosmetics Store – Free OpenCart Template from TemplateMonster.com

Template detailsDemo
Some key features:

  • Admin Panel;
  • Bootstrap;
  • 100% Responsive;
  • Background video;
  • Parallax and Lazy Load effects;
  • Installation instructions are attached;
  • Compatibility: OpenCart v2.0.x.
Mobile Shop – Free OpenCart Template from TemplateMonster.com

Template detailsDemo
Some key features:

  • Back To Top Button;
  • Bootstrap;
  • 100% Responsive;
  • Crossbrowser Compatibility;
  • Commenting System;
  • Drop Down Cart and Menu,
  • CSS 3, HTML 5, JQuery;
  • OpenCart Modules and Web Forms included;
  • Compatibility: OpenCart v2.0.x.

Frankly speaking, it’s really hard to find worth-looking professional OpenCart templates. We looked through plenty of designs for OpenCart websites, but most of them are the same, just with a few modifications in color scheme or content blocks.

Feel free to leave your comments if you know where to find really good free OpenCart templates!

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