Evecart – Multipurpose OpenCart 3.0 Theme [Does It Fit Your Fashion Store?]

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Would you believe me if I say it does? You are right, words don’t weight much. When choosing a perfect design for your fashion store you want to be sure that you are making the right choice. Fair enough.Are you ready to take a closer look at the Evecart Fashion Store OpenCart Template? I am as thrilled as you, can’t wait to know what surprises are waiting for us when we unwrap this neatly packed template:)

But let’s start with the basics. OpenCart is a great solution for eCommerce. Nowadays you could find a wide range of eCommerce categories: Business Magento themes, fashion Shopify themes, but today we will have a look at OpenCart bestseller template. The platform is free and open-source and offers everything you need to create, sale and run your business. It is simple to start with OpenCart and easy to run a site powered by it.

I have already mentioned above that the shopping cart is open source. Thanks to the fact it comes with free downloads and updates, and no monthly fees.

Your store management will become a breeze. OpenCart offers built-in SEO. It will be easy to manage your products, customers, orders, taxes rules, coupon codes and more.

OpenCart has a vast selection of eCommerce modules and themes in case you want to expand your store functionality.

OpenCart provides free community or dedicated commercial support as well.

Over 342 000 entrepreneurs all over the world choose OpenCart for their eCommerce projects, so you’ll be in good company.

OpenCart offers multiple payment gateways and shipping methods, which is really important for your customers’ convenience. The world’s most popular payment gateways and shipping methods (PayPal, Amazon payments, Authorize.Net, sage Pay, eway, Skrill, 2CO 2Checkout, Klarna, WorldPay, UPS, FedEx, United States Postal Service, Australia Post, Parcel Force, Royal Mail) are integrated into it.

Well, I guess it’s time to come back to Evecart.

Pay for one – get three

Yes, you got it right, Evecart offers you 3 ready-to-use stores.

Fashion store

It has a classy design perfectly suitable for online boutiques that sell brand clothes.

Furniture store

This is a powerful and professional looking theme that can be used for online furniture stores.


This trendy theme will fit all your needs. It could be a great solution for drug stores and pharmacies.

Homepage Layout Builder

Evecart is equipped with Homepage Layout Builder. It allows customizing your homepage the way you would like to see it just in a couple of clicks. The appearance and blocks placement of your store Homepage may increase your conversion in several times. Dare to test and experiment and you’ll be a success.

Responsive nature

This is a must-have feature nowadays as more and more users prefer browsing the Internet from their mobile devices and shop on the go. So, your site will quickly adapt to any gadget with any screen size the user has in hand right now. Your text and images will also be flexible, so they will be rendered correctly. This will definitely boost your conversion as your visitors will not be restricted in terms of their location or device.


The plugin helps to easily create Lookbooks or Catalogues equipped with product rollovers and links. You don’t need to know coding to create unlimited Lookbooks. The feature will be appreciated by the customers as it allows one-click connection to your store products.

The Lookbook is easy to configure. This allows your online store have as many lookbooks or online product catalogs as you like.

Other app features:

  • You can customize your markers that display your products on mouse over.
  • Customise display info for each product like Title, Price, Image.
  • Link markers to any product or URL.
  • Use simple drag and drop interface to order the pages in each Lookbook.
  • Select any image assigned to a product as the rollover image for your marker.

Sorting Options

The feature provides online shoppers with multiple product display options. Thus, one can opt for a grid-based or list-based view, sort items by best-selling, display products in alphabetical order, etc. This is an Ajax-based feature, so all changes are applied without reloading the page.


Megamenu is an amazing extension used for creating beautiful, customized menus for your site. With minor tuning required, tons of options to choose from, and the ability to show categories, subcategories, and posts, Megamenu is a must-have feature that can easily boost your SEO and user engagement.


With this option at hand, you can make your online store available in different languages, and also sell your goods being able to accept multiple currencies.

Search form

A brief and functional search form allows visitors to find any products in seconds. The template includes the feature right from the package.

Add to Wishlist

This plugin allows your customers to add specific products to their wish lists for future purchasing. It is very effective for boosting indirect sales, especially during the holiday season.

Additional features of Evecart

This innovative OpenCart theme can boast the following unique features:

1. SEO optimized

Search Engine Optimization is a hot topic. It’s safe to say that it is one of the most, commonly discussed complicated topics on the Internet. This is quite natural because no matter how beautiful your site is, nobody will find it if it is not properly optimized. SEO includes quite a number of essential factors like backlinks, quality content, bounce rate, page authority and much more. Site owners can manage these factors themselves.

However, 50% of site’s SEO success is in the quality of the template you use. The quality refers to the coding of the theme. The well written code doesn’t overdo or fail in its tasks. On the contrary, it perfectly accomplishes all the tasks and such templates are often mentioned as the SEO friendly website templates. SEO optimized template will make the search of your site simpler.

2. Product carousel

Do you want to increase your product sales? Who doesn’t… Product Carousel for OpenCart will help you create amazing product carousel/slider on your website. With this, you can show more products at the same time and spark your customer’s interest to buy this or that thing. Product Carousel can be called a strategic feature, a modern goodie professional shop cannot miss. You can showcase a great number of products with gallery right on the home page.

3. Product Quick View

Some patterns in the eCommerce design world are aimed at increasing the conversion rate by simplifying the user experience. Other patterns try to achieve the same goal by providing additional information where needed. The Product Quick View feature belongs to the second category. Thanks to the Product Quick View the buyer can immediately get main information about the product.

4. Slider

Sliders still stay perfect attention grabbers. They help you display more information in a visually appealing manner without overwhelming site visitor. They make the designs more dynamic at the same time boosting users experience. A slider is actually a graphical control element enabling the user to set a value by moving an indicator, usually in a horizontal mode. In some cases, users may click on a point on the slider to change the setting. Website slider is a great thing in terms of presenting important information.

Summarizing it up

You have just read a brief review of the fresh, fancy and stylish OpenCart template. It is a kind of guarantee that your online fashion store will be a success. All its functionality is convenient and up to date. It allows your clients to create collections of products they love and share it on their social media, which will broaden your reach. A Look Book block gives a wonderful opportunity to show customers how the product will look in use. A Product Zoomer will offer your clients 3 ways of taking a closer look at the stuff – a window, lens and inner look variants. The template has 4 premade layouts. All you need to do is choose the one you like the most.

We would be happy to read your thoughts/impressions/questions in the comments. Want to see Evecart – Multipurpose OpenCart 3.0 Theme live? Click the link.

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