OpenCart 1.5.4 Now Available

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OpenCart v1.5.4.x is the first published version after OpenCart moved to Github. This is the first version where we can see people contribution to the project. It’s look like people expectations after OpenCart moved to Github will increasing community contribution come true.

OpenCart v1.5.4 released on August 16, 2012 and available for download at OpenCart download page. And after two days later – August 18, 2012, v1.5.4.1 is released to fix major issue with some payment extensions. And start from this version forward, OpenCart require vQmod v2.1.7 due the improvement on the engine side.

However, OpenCart team doesn’t use all Github features yet. We are expecting they will implement stable branch concept to separating bugs fix from the development branch; also tags for tagging each version release.

v1.5.4.x Changelogs

  1. Shipping: Fedex, Auspost.
  2. Payment: PayMate.
  3. Report: Customers Online.
  4. Product fields UPC, EAN, ISBN and MPN.
  5. Security: Salt column, use mCrypt for encryption security (PHP mcrypt extension).
  6. Better image re-sizing.
  1. Html5 Doctype.
  2. (AIM) shipping information.
  3. Remove product tags table, tags moved to product description.
  4. Controller and Front engine improvement.
  1. Stock warning for individual product.
  2. Sending mail to customers fails when SSL enabled.
  3. Delete address from address book.
  4. customer_blacklist IPv6.
  5. Set default PNG compression level to 6.

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One Comment on "OpenCart 1.5.4 Now Available"

  1. David August 30, 2012 at 4:40 am · Reply


    Wow.. Moving forward at a terrific pace.. :-)

    I was wondering whether this latest version’s Aust Post module includes letters.

    It seems the 2 extentions I see out there are only for parcels, yet so much is sent out by shops as letters due to the very reduced costs.

    I hope so…

    Gteat job and kudos to all involved!!


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