OpenCart 2.2 Released!

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In the past 2 month OpenCart 2.2 available for developer through Alpha and Beta stages; and now it’s finally released! Official changelog from OpenCart team:

  • Support for Composer based libraries
  • Multi-language installer
  • Improvements & changes to the events system
  • Changes to template rendering to reduce code repetitiveness
  • 3 brand new payment gateways included (LAY-BUY, Cardinity and eWAY)
  • Latest version of OpenBay Pro, now with support for Fulfilment by Amazon

If you interesting to know deep about the change, you can see comparison from earlier release.

Few things worth to get our attention.

Composer Libraries

With this release, OpenCart team introducing “compiled” and “non-compiled” code. Compiled code has all the external libraries (managed by Composer) needed to run OpenCart. Compiled version available through OpenCart download page. While the Non-compiled available at Github.

Compiled version have addition “vendor” folder in downloaded package. And in addition to uploading the normal “upload” folder into web root, user required to upload the vendor folder to the folder outside web root.

Events System

Events system now tightly coupled with engine loader to give Events trigger automation. This automation available for Controller, Model, View, Language and Config; for both “after” and “before” code execution.

This mean all MVC files under OpenCart, including 3rd extensions, automatically covered by the Events. The consequence of this change is that the Events trigger scheme is changed. From manually added to the code “pre.admin.product.add” into automation “admin/model/catalog/product/addProduct/before”.

Even though all MVC files is covered automatically buy the new Events, manually trigger Events inside code is still possible. Read Events documentation for further info.


OpenCart 2.2 come with new theme setting, available at Extensions > Themes. Image size previously handled at store setting, now user can change it at theme setting, per store.

OpenCart 2.2 just released. With all the change, it might be need more time for 3rd extensions to be compatible.


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  1. Qahar March 7, 2016 at 4:15 pm · Reply

    Another change worth to mention is the change on Languages.
    It’s use the language code as the folder name.

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