OpenCart Marketplace New Policy: 12 Months Free Updates

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A week ago Daniel has decided that the extension store policy will be changed into 12-months free updates. It means that when users buy a license of an extension, they will get free updates only for the next 12 months after purchase. If they want to continue to receive updates for the extensions or themes, users need to buy another license.

As we know, as OpenCart has got more popular, many developers support OpenCart. Getting many sales, of course, was their goal. But when the users are getting more and more, then having to keep supporting them who might have bought the license over years ago without getting new users/ clients must be very hard on them. Well, that’s why this news can be quite relieving for developers.

On the other side, can users understand about this new policy? The bottom line is that: OpenCart can be free, but it is used to generate sales and money from the user websites. It’s reasonable to help OpenCart grow in the future, because as the open source project, 20% from marketplace is the only income to help OpenCart team pay the operational cost.

When The Policy Implemented?

The new policy will be roll out when OpenCart 2 is released. And this is not a good decision from management perspective. Daniel should roll out the new policy with exact date. Because the new policy not just affecting OpenCart marketplace but also developer who sell their extensions.

Developers need to think, preparing and communicate carefully with their existing buyers. Exact date, whether OpenCart 2 is released this year or delayed, would help developer to preparing the impact of this new policy.

We still wait another information related to this new policy. Because there is no official information yet, regarding:

  • Whether the 12-months license only applies for OpenCart 2 extensions or all available extensions;
  • Whether the license renewal would be at the same price or offer a lower price;
  • Whether the developer have option to opt-out the policy at OpenCart marketplace?

Well, Daniel and team should deliver these tough questions carefully. Our hope is this new policy would be fair, clear, and exactly what everyone needs.


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5 Comments on "OpenCart Marketplace New Policy: 12 Months Free Updates"

  1. Sanjay December 4, 2013 at 11:34 am · Reply

    Thats a great news and relief for developers like me.

  2. syed December 4, 2013 at 9:17 am · Reply

    Hello, thank you for raising this question, I think Denialle will come through this…i am still wondering why the whole concept is made so complicated. They should rather provide Paid support just like prestashop..issue solved.
    at the same time its fair that it allowes for one year to the user.

    • peter December 5, 2013 at 4:16 am ·

      isn’t there prestashop for that already. Opencart can go it’s on way an in my opinion is not complicated at all.
      by the way if you require assistance there are plenty of company offering assistance including the developer.

  3. rupak nepali November 26, 2013 at 5:34 am · Reply

    Good news is that OpenCart 2 is coming soon.
    I think the change in policy is not good for both the developer and OpenCart community in long run.

    • peter December 5, 2013 at 4:25 am ·

      why would you think the change of policy is not good? They need to have a sustainable business and look at the future of the project.
      It’s important to find a good balance between prices, core features requested by community and features that do not require to be in the core.

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