OpenCart Site: More Than A New Design

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After registering OpenCart as limited company in Hong Kong, looks like some of the action plan has been executed. Some rumor are answered, Daniel already rent an office spaces and hire developer to help him manage OpenCart. And the newest info is OpenCart site redesign.

It’s been a while since OpenCart team change the site design. And on 12 July 2012, the site have a fresh look. Most features on the site is still the same like previous design, but the landing page is better. And of course, the Marketplace is improved. And it’s not the final improvement, within days they will add new features. Most possibly is improving the search system and adding new payment options.

What Next?

Even the site have new fresh look and the marketplace is improved, but most OpenCart community will agree that the most important to improve is the project management and documentation section. OpenCart is well-known as robust and easy e-commerce app, but dealing with code break on minor update is not just upsetting the user but also developers.

We analyzes that the redesign is part of new path to make OpenCart as a serious open source project. It’s a good news for OpenCart community, we will get better OpenCart release and documentation. But of course it’s need time for a while until Daniel find the appropriate management to handle this project.

And the rumor says we will get the final 1.5.x version soon, may be on this or next month. If that’s true, does it mean upcoming OpenCart v.1.6 will be released under new project management approach? or we need to wait until v.2.0? What you think?

Update July 15, 2012:
OpenCart Marketplace now add 2checkout as a payment options.

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