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Your site is already launched two days ago, everything looks fine until some user reporting an error. Ups, the checkout step is not work properly. I have experienced this; and may be some of you. This checklist will help us to check everything before launch the site.

This checklist is intended to make sure your OpenCart site work correctly as planned. This should be the last step before you disabling the maintenance status. So make sure to check the list on your live site and not on development site (localhost / subdomain).

Backend Checklist

  1. Site Settings
    Site setting is the most important thing you must check and recheck. From the site name, meta description, stock, order status, invoice prefix and encryption key.
  2. Remove All Demo Data
    Make sure there is no demo data left on your site like coupons and gift vouchers.
  3. Products and Categories
    Check products and categories attribute, options, URL alias, meta keywords and meta description.
  4. Payment and Shipping
    Check payment and shipping modules settings. Make sure you already set it correctly.
  5. Localisation
    Localisation is important for your site, so make sure it’s already have the correct setting.
  6. Product Feeds
    Enabled your feed and sitemap. And don’t forget to submit your sitemap to Google Webmaster.
  7. Error Free
    Do not forget to check the error logs and vqmod logs. Make sure the logs is empty.

Frontend Checklist

  1. Basic Function
    Check basic function like add to cart, add to compare, add to wishlist, dropdown view cart, grid-list toggle and search is working correctly.
  2. Url Alias
    Check the url alias/ SEO Urls is work properly. If you use SEO extension, make sure its work properly as expected.
  3. Registration
    Ensure the registration is not just working but also not confused user during the process.
  4. Checkout Process
    Check the checkout process as both existing user or guest buyer. And do not forget to check your payment and shipping options, coupons, gift vouchers etc.
  5. Affiliates
    Ensure the affiliates system is working well. Test the registration and test various affiliate link to make sure its work.
  6. Mail Function
    Test your all feature related to mail function, like mail on registration, checkout and contact page.
    Also check your invoice look on various mail client.

Even you already check all list above on site launch, it’s a good practice to occasionally recheck your site. You can use list above to check your site once a month to make sure your site work properly.

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