Your Start-Up Together with Gravitas, or Everything You Need to Know to Achieve Success

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Each genius project started with a small idea. In the beginning, it was nothing but a thought. Like a speech balloon in comic books, you know. One could not even believe that it is possible to make a dream come true. Yet this is how most of the start-ups were transformed into reality. You can also become one of those people who succeeded. In order to create a start-up that will become a popular project, you just need to know a few important things. You will get familiar with all of them (or at least with their biggest part) in this article.

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MotoCMS for Your Smash Start-Up

While your start-up is only on the planning stage, you should think about all its details. You should have already guessed what can be called the most crucial part of your brand new project. We are talking about having an attention-grabbing and professionally-looking website. Your online-project should impress and inspire all people who are going to visit it. Fortunately, there is no need to have lots of fancy coding skills to get your website ready. There is a need to take advantage of the easy-to-use website builder. Ladies and gentlemen, let us provide your attention MotoCMS.

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You can come up with a website of any complexity. You can choose any niche to present by means of your online-project. You can be only a beginner in programming. In all of these cases, MotoCMS is your perfect drag-and-drop builder that will give you a marvelous start. Everything is simple when it comes to this very website builder. Let us explain to you how it works step by step.

Four Steps to Get Your Start-Up Website Ready Together With MotoCMS


  • Find your ideal template to get the most eye-catching website

You cannot even imagine how many templates for MotoCMS you can find on the Internet. This means that it does not matter what concept your start-up has. Each of them can be presented together with one of the ready-made solutions. When you are ready with choosing the most stylish design, you should think about picking the right hosting. By the way, if you are not good at this topic, a support team of MotoCMS may assist you in this mission.

  • Add your own content and play around with a design

The next step is the most exciting one. Do you want to make some changes in the design? Do you want it to express your ideas in the best possible light? In this case, you can change the layouts as your soul wants. In addition to this, it is possible to work with colors, add your texts, upload custom images, and so on and so forth. In such a way, you will make a few changes in the initial design and get a completely new website look. Forget about building an online-project from scratch. Just a get a modern and remarkable template, experiment with its design and make it look exclusive. Something like a spoiler now. In a few minutes, we are going to speak about a ready-made solution that will meet all your requirements.

  • Finally, publish your online-project and promote it all over the web

When your website is ready, it is important to spread the word about it. There are lots of powerful widgets (as Facebook Feed, Instagram Post, Twitter Timeline, and many others) that are made for this purpose. Thanks to them, you will get a chance to share the latest news and engage your visitors.

Some More About Main Features of MotoCMS


There are a few more details about MotoCMS that are impossible to be silent about. Among them, you can find the following ones:

  • a simple drag-and-drop functionality that provides with a simple and intuitive process of website building;
  • a responsive and mobile-first design that will be rendered perfectly on all possible devices;
  • a fully-functional eCommerce functionality that allows selling products and services directly on the website;
  • an impressive set of additional plugins and integrations that are constantly updated;
  • 24/7 technical support from a professional team that can solve all your problems connected with this very website builder.

Is Gravitas Your Best Solution for a Successful Start-Up?


Try Now

We already know that MotoCMS has everything to launch a start-up website without any troubles. We also know that a number of ready-made templates designed for this website builder are extremely huge. How can you choose the most appropriate one for your online-project? How is it possible to choose when they look like nothing but an embarrassment of the riches? As an example, you can pay your attention to a multipurpose template that can be used for lots of purposes.

Remember when we said a little bit earlier about a tremendous variant that will meet all your demands? Gravitas is this very ready-made template that we want you to get familiar with.

Its Key Features That You Cannot Pass By

  1. A fully-responsive and cross-browser compatible design. You are not going to lose any of your potential readers and customers. They can use their laptops and smartphones in order to browse your online-project. Its design will quickly adjust to each screen resolution and provide people with the best online-experience.
  2. A marvelous Parallax Effect that will give your website even a more spectacular look.
  3. Multiple types of the gallery (grid, slider, and carousel) and animation effects that are able to present your start-up ideas at their best.
  4. Advanced audio and video widgets that allow showing off even more information about your innovative project and everything connected with it.
  5. An excellent social integration that will make it possible to get lots of new sincere admirers of your start-up.
  6. A fully-fledged blog functionality, e-mail subscription, contact form, and lots of pre-made pages.


As you can understand, it is possible to make your start-up website stand out from the crowd together with Gravitas. It does not matter what information you want to showcase by means of your online-project. There is a right form of the online-presentation for all of its pieces. In such a way, your website will get a visually-attractive and unforgettable look. People will not be able to click off a tab with your online-project and just continue going into rapture.

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Tips to Make Your Start-Up Prosper, Not Fail

When you think that your start-up can fail, an ardent desire to continue working on it may disappear. Yet now you know how to get an exciting website to make people fall in love with your new business. There are some more pieces of advice that you can take into your consideration. After getting familiar with them, it is possible to go ahead with working on your start-up here and now.

  1. Believe in your success and forget about failure. Be ready to risk and make unexpected decisions. There is a big chance that they will turn out to be for the better.
  2. Make sure you have chosen something you like with all your heart. It will motivate you to keep going on. Furthermore, it is more interesting to work with something that you adore.
  3. Keep in touch with those people who are interested in your start-up. Make lots of new connections. In such a way, you can be sure that no one will forget about your new business.
  4. Become an all-knowing human in your niche. Learn everything connected with your business. Make certain that you have answers even to the most surprising questions.
  5. Do not forget about your customers. Think about those things that can make them feel excited. Find out what aspects they are interested in. Just keep people in your mind – and your project will definitely hit the target.


At a glance, it may seem that each of the start-ups takes lots of time and energy. Actually, it is a true fact. Yet forewarned is forearmed. Just keep in mind these small pieces of advice. Take care of your online and offline-presence, communicate with various customers, learn more every single day… In this case, you will be able to attain success. Of course, you should understand that it is possible to face some difficulties. Yet do not forget one important thing. All of them will fall into the shade if you feel the love from your customers. We wish you to get the attention both on the virtual and real world. Thanks for reading!

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