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We always looking for way to enhance the value of the content in this blog and that includes to receive and publish posts by Guest Authors.

Submission Guidelines
  1. The submission must be focused, related or relevant to OpenCart.
  2. The submission must not contain self promotion or affiliate link to commercial products.
  3. The submission must be your original work. Republish your own post is allowed, with a new information is prefered.
  4. The submission length is around 500-1000 words, recommended with a screenshot.
    Tips category submission length is allowed around 250-700 words.
  5. Author bio length around 40 words and allowed to put up to three link.
  6. To standarise the submission quality, we will review it before publish. We will not change / edit your article unilaterally. Proposed changes will always be confirmed to the author.
  7. Good writing tips from Lifehacker:
    1. Introduce what you’re talking about in one or two short sentences.
    2. The key to a good post is being as clear, concise, and direct as possible.
    3. Break your long post with sub-topics on articles, and use step-by-step style for tutorials.
What Benefit Will You Get
  1. Guest writing may increase your personal/ business credibility.
  2. Drive traffic to your site. More popular and useful your post to our readers mean more chance to drive traffic to your site.
  3. Get some fresh feedback on your idea. Write your idea with a good research, meet new people and get some fresh feedback on your idea.
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Update: August 7, 2012